Powerful data produces powerful results. Here are some examples.

IndigoMetrics data lets you identify, measure, and manage all aspects of your organization's culture. By carefully testing hypothesis and measuring the efficacy of your efforts - in real time - you can create unprecedented change faster, cheaper, and more effectively than ever.

— Nurturing talent no matter what they look like Diversity and inclusion are key to success, but unexamined attempts can cause more harm than good. Measuring the impact of your campaigns can make sure your best talent gets the opportunity they deserve and open new doors for inclusion organization-wide.
— Cultural transformation Culture change is one of the most critical - and highest risk - transformations organizations face. Strong metrics can form the backbone of carefully structured and managed transformations, limiting risk, minimizing costs, and ensuring success.
— Joe the talented analyst. Culture metrics aren't just about aggregates - individuals benefit from personalized indicators just as much as organizations. Measuring key soft skills and giving critical feedback where, when, and how it is needed can ensure your most critical assets get the support they need to thrive.
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