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Cultural transformation

A multinational company was one year through a two year culture change exercise with project expenditure to date of US $12m. Leaders were beginning to question the value of the project, particularly the impact of the leadership training that formed the main part of the culture change intervention.

The company’s target values were used to build a set of action statements and all employees reviewed each other against these action statements every 2 weeks.Changes in engagement and workplace values scores were used to assess the impact of the cultural interventions by measuring before and after changes

Individual — Employees were empowered to play their part in cultural evolution, instead of just relying on management. Individuals learned the cultural language needed to thrive.

Managers —
Managers assessed how their team’s day-to- day behaviors related to company’s cultural values. Managers focused on feedback on consistent data - not observations.

Leadership —
Focussing on specific cultural challenges and direct digital dissemination has decreased spend on leadership training by 68%.  A dynamic approach to culture led to a 12% increase in the company’s “Culture Score” over 18 months.

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