Nurturing talent no matter what they look like

ChallengeAn international engineering firm was seeking promote workforce diversity and inclusion to widen out its skill base. The firm had tended to hire and promote against a traditional image of an “engineer” - particularly in its upper management and central functions. The result was a heavily male, senior workforce with a focus on caucasian and south Indian ethnicity. Lack of diversity threatened to impact the quality of decision-making and the firm’s ability to react to new challenges.

The engineering firm used Indigometrics to reduce bias in peer-to-peer feedback. Rather than asking for a reaction to a generic statement such as “Brian is a good team player,” Indigometrics filtered statements through the lens of inclusion and asked employees to respond to more specific feedback (e.g. “In meetings, Brian allows others time to speak”, “Brian is willing to work on ideas that are not his own”.)

Indigometrics’ mobile applicable front end and iterative questioning model enabled feedback to be obtained in less than 5 minutes per week per employee - allowing all employees to be involved, not just managers or head office personnel.

Individual — Promotion became more closely linked to skills and less to appearance. Promotion of BAME individuals increased by 32% and female by 46% over a year.

Managers —
Helped managers construct teams based on skills, instead of established biases. Team gender diversity increased by 40% over a year.

Leadership —
Gained a reputation as an inclusive employer —  helping attract and retain top talent, with BAME applications increasing by 22% and female applications increasing by 14%

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