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"What gets measured gets managed" has been the driving principle for business for decades, and yet most organizations have almost no measurable insight into their highest value asset – their employees’ soft skills and behaviors that, in aggregate, constitute their culture.
Then COVID-19 happened, and working remotely became an opportunity and a risk. This was soon followed by ChatGPT and generative AI. Now leaders need to be able to decide which employees have the human skills needed to work remotely versus who would benefit from building their skills in a physical office. They need to be able to nurture the human skills that AI cannot replace while capitalizing on the hard skill efficiencies AI is enabling.
Indigometrics is creating the dataset and human skills engine that will both support leaders in creating disruption resilient organizations and support each employee in building the human skills they will need to prosper.
Longitudinal data company-wide lets you steer your company in real-time, avoiding risk, building skills and reducing costs. Our AI integrations multiply your leadership reach, allowing you to manage groups of employees in ways that nobody could have imagined only 6 months ago. We have the technology to be help you capitalize on disruption while mitigating the risks. And that's just the beginning.

Josh Klein
Founder & CEO

Josh began his career in technology at a very young age, helping develop the first e-commerce engine, working with the team that deployed mobile data Short Codes in the US, and managing the back end for one of the first cloud-based analytics deployments of large scale medical data. Along the way he's worked with representatives of a number of US government agencies, has advised executives from roughly half the Fortune 500, and has spoken at Davos, TED, SXSW, and at other events worldwide. His most recent book, Reputation Economics, focuses on the interaction of technology and human systems and helped form the foundation of practice for IndigoMetrics.

Christopher Carman
Co-Founder & Director

Chris is a veteran of the banking sector where he used advanced algorithms to predict consumer default and recovery profiles. After leaving banking Chris started a company to develop advanced algorithms to investigate and monetise the link between behavioural values and the repayment of defaulted debt. This company demonstrated the effectiveness of its algorithms and strategy through the purchase and successful management of over €600m of defaulted credit cards. Chris is now an experienced developer in his own right with a rare combination of skills covering the areas where human behaviours, advanced algorithms and codified behaviour change overlap.

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