& receive feedback.

A seamless way to measure company culture.

Indigometrics provides an easy way for both employees and managers to rank each other and see whether their actions are aligned with the company values.

Indigometrics gives employees actionable steps on which soft skills to focus on for greatest impact. It also helps employees engage with the corporate value set regularly, both in evaluating others and themselves.

Finally, Indigometrics gives employers statistically validated insights into the culture of the entire organization, over time, ongoing.

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How does it work?

Everyone ranks each other

once a month by filling a survey that measures alignment with company values

Employees receive feedback

in numerical and written form based on the reviews

Managers receive data

and see how well aligned the employees are with the company values


Fast reviews.
Frequent data.


Indigometrics provides each employee with

  • Dynamic, comprehensive feedback on workplace behaviours
  • Advice to help employees up-skill themselves in relevant soft skills
  • A gamified experience for improving workplace performance
* Our platform can apply to contract workers without affecting their employment status.

Indigometrics provides each manager with:

Indigometrics’s platform uses peer reviews to further the goal of a “self managing team” that improves its performance via peer feedback.

Managers can also quickly and easily access bias adjusted data on their team’s behaviours / soft skills.


Indigometrics provides each level of the company with:

Engagement and alignment data on team- and corporate-wide behavior.

This data allows you to select, design, and drive improvement initiatives and immediately quantify their results.

Why Indigometrics?

Quick Reviews

Reviewing five people takes less than 5 minutes

Quantified, Dynamic Data

Unlike annual, deep 360 reviews, Indigometrics surveys happen every month. Quantified data is easily comparable and valuable.

Anonymous Reviews

Everyone’s reviews are anonymous. This way the results remain confidental, truthful and unbiased.

Efficiency and Accuracy

Everyone gets reviewed by several company members every month. A large amount of real time data helps the managers to identify the painpoints in the company culture and helps them in decision making.

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